What does the Sturgeon Moon mean?

Introduction: The Allure of the Sturgeon Moon

“What does the Sturgeon Moon mean?” is a question that often arises when we glance at the calendars or almanacs marking our full moons. This intriguing term, the “Sturgeon Moon,” is part of a rich historical and cultural tapestry interwoven with celestial cycles and Earth’s natural rhythms. Its origins are deeply rooted in the traditions of Native American cultures who named the moon phases as a method to keep track of the seasons.

Sturgeon Moon, primarily associated with the month of August, carries a wealth of symbolism and spiritual significance. Its name is derived from the giant sturgeon fish, which were abundantly available in North American water bodies during this period. Different cultures worldwide have also related to this August full moon in their unique ways, drawing spiritual, symbolic, and practical meanings from this natural phenomenon.

When is the next Sturgeon Moon

When is the next Sturgeon Moon 2023?

The next Sturgeon Moon will be on August 1, 2023. It will be a supermoon, which means that the moon will be closer to Earth than usual, making it appear larger and brighter in the sky. The Sturgeon Moon is a traditional Native American name for the full moon in August. It is said to have been named after the sturgeon, a large fish that is abundant in the Great Lakes region of North America during this time of year.

The Sturgeon Moon is also sometimes called the Harvest Moon, as it is the full moon that falls closest to the autumnal equinox. This is the time of year when farmers are harvesting their crops, and the bright light of the full moon helps them to work late into the night.

If you are interested in seeing the Sturgeon Moon, you can look for it in the night sky on August 1, 2023. It will rise in the east at sunset and will be visible all night long. The moon will reach its peak fullness at 2:32 p.m. Eastern Time (18:32 UTC).

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Upcoming Sturgeon Moon Dates: A Glimpse into the Future

YearDateTime (EST)Zodiac Sign
2023August 2907:56 PMPisces
2024August 1708:49 PMAquarius
2025August 706:32 AMCapricorn
2026August 2712:19 AMPisces

The Spiritual Significance of the Sturgeon Moon

The spiritual significance of the Sturgeon Moon is immense and multifaceted. To Native Americans, this moon represented a time of bounty and harvest, an ideal period to gather resources for the impending winter. The plentiful sturgeon in the Great Lakes and other water bodies symbolized this time of abundance. The Sturgeon Moon became a spiritual reminder of the cycles of life, nature’s resilience, and the continuous flow of abundance.

In many ways, the Sturgeon Moon also symbolizes strength and power. The sturgeon, a formidable and resilient creature, is one of the oldest fish species, having survived millions of years with little change. This ancient survivor’s presence during the Sturgeon Moon embodies resilience, fortitude, and the power to endure despite challenges and changes.

 Sturgeon Moon

Unraveling the Symbolism of the Sturgeon Moon

The Sturgeon Moon, like the mighty fish it’s named after, represents more than just the arrival of August’s full moon. The sturgeon’s symbolism extends into the realms of perseverance, longevity, and wisdom. As a creature that has remained virtually unchanged for millions of years, it stands as a testament to the beauty and wonder of nature’s design.

Beyond this, the Sturgeon Moon serves as a reminder of the cycles of life and our integral connection to nature. As this moon rises, marking the peak of summer and the impending arrival of fall, it symbolizes the cyclical nature of existence. We’re reminded of the bounty summer brings and the gratitude we should feel for Earth’s gifts.

 Sturgeon Moon: Tips and Insights

Celebrating the Sturgeon Moon: Tips and Insights

To honor the Sturgeon Moon and connect with its powerful energy, one can follow certain practices. Indigenous cultures traditionally celebrated this time with gratitude for nature’s bounty and the strength to sustain life. Today, we can tap into this energy in several ways:

  • Spend time in nature, especially near water bodies where sturgeon may reside. Reflect on the strength and resilience these creatures represent.
  • Practice gratitude for the bounty you have in your life. This could be family, health, or simply the beauty of the world around you.
  • Meditate under the Sturgeon Moon. Feel its potent energy, and let it inspire resilience and strength within you.
  • Learn more about the sturgeon, their history, and their significance. By doing so, you can deepen your connection with the Sturgeon Moon and the lessons it imparts.
Sturgeon Moon

Conclusion: The Resonance of the Sturgeon Moon

Inquiring, “What does the Sturgeon Moon mean?” leads us on a journey of cultural heritage, spiritual understanding, and personal introspection. This celestial event, marked by the rise of the full moon in August, provides us a timely reminder of life’s cyclical nature, the abundance of Earth, and the fortitude of beings like the sturgeon.

The Sturgeon Moon’s celebration encourages us to reflect upon our place in the world, appreciate the natural bounty, and foster resilience and strength. As we marvel at the beauty of this full moon, let us also learn from its symbolism and spiritual significance, embracing the cycles of life with gratitude, strength, and wonder.


  1. What does the Sturgeon Moon mean? The Sturgeon Moon is a term derived from Native American cultures. It is used to refer to the full moon of August. The name is associated with the sturgeon fish, which was historically abundant in North American water bodies during this time. Symbolically, the Sturgeon Moon represents a time of abundance, resilience, and preparation for the coming winter.
  2. Why is it called the Sturgeon Moon? It’s called the Sturgeon Moon because many Native American tribes, particularly those around the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water in North America, noticed that sturgeons were most readily caught during this time. It became a reference to identify the full moon of August.
  3. What is the spiritual significance of the Sturgeon Moon? The Sturgeon Moon holds considerable spiritual significance. It represents the bounty of nature and the cycles of life. This period was traditionally seen as a time to gather resources for the impending winter months. It is a symbol of strength, resilience, and the power to endure, attributes shared with the sturgeon fish.
  4. How can I celebrate the Sturgeon Moon? Celebrating the Sturgeon Moon can involve spending time in nature, particularly near bodies of water, practicing gratitude, and meditating under the moon. It’s also beneficial to learn more about the sturgeon fish and the historical and cultural significance of this moon phase.
  5. Does the Sturgeon Moon have any connection to significant historical events? Yes, one noteworthy connection is with the Apollo 11 mission. When humans first landed on the moon in July 1969, the world was just about to witness the Sturgeon Moon of that year. It’s a testament to the moon’s enduring influence on human consciousness and achievements.
  6. Does every culture refer to the August full moon as the Sturgeon Moon? No, the term Sturgeon Moon is primarily associated with Native American cultures. Other cultures have different names for the August full moon based on their unique traditions and observations. For instance, some European cultures refer to it as the Grain Moon, while in Chinese tradition, it’s known as the Harvest Moon.

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