The Unique Boulder at Tycho Crater’s Peak

What is The Large Boulder Near The Center of Tycho Craters Peak?

The Tycho crater on the Moon is one of the most accessible features to see. The crater is visible even to the unaided eye. But if you are going to watch The Moons craters think about this.

The binoculars you pick should have a magnification of at least seven, and ten or even fifteen would be better still. 

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Moongazing With Binoculars

All binoculars are marked to display magnification and the dimension of the lenses. Therefore, “7×50” or “7 by 50” binoculars give a magnification of seven. 

This means objects seem seven times closer and 50-millimeter front lenses, but back to the subject about the big bolder at crater Tycho’s rim. In the middle of Tycho, the upper left is something unique about a 120-meter boulder. 

The Boulder at Moon Crater Tycho's Edge. The Main Image Credit: NASA, Arizona State U., LRO; Lower Inset: Gregory H. Revera. Upper Inset: NASA, Arizona State U., LRO.
The Boulder at Moon Crater Tycho’s Edge. The Main Image Credit: NASA, Arizona State U., LRO; Lower Inset: Gregory H. Revera. Upper Inset: NASA, Arizona State U., LRO.

The Boulder at Moon Crater Tycho’s Edge

This stone was photographed at quite high resolution at sunrise, over the past decade, by the LRO. The Moon-circling Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

The best origin theory is that the stone was hurled during the enormous collision that formed Moon crater Tycho.

It occurred around 110 million years ago, and by chance, the bolder came back down right near the middle of the newly-formed central mountain. 

Over the following billion years, moonquakes and meteor impacts should slowly deteriorate Moon crate Tycho’s center.

It will likely be causing the central boulder to tumble 2000 meters down to the crater floor and disintegrate.

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