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We at want to give you a new and fascinating perspective of our closest neighbor, the Moon. Be part of the space community, and feel free to send your own Moon’s most beautiful picture to us. Let’s share these pictures and let more people get to see these fantastic Moon photos. Please send your pictures to our Facebook group at is the premier source of Moon exploration, especially lunar crater Tycho. It is named after the great Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe. I will give the reader fascinating facts and news about the Moon and celebrate humanity’s ongoing expansion towards our only satellite.

For me, exploring space, particularly the Moon, is as much about the journey as it is the destination. On this site, I can transport the visitor across the lunar surface. And like Apollo 11 first landing on the Moon to NASA’s upcoming Moon missions, hopefully, in 2024. Furthermore, you will find comprehensive coverage of the latest news and discoveries.

So, you’ll find something unique every day from skywatching guides and stunning photos of the lunar surface at

Moon Mission Statement

To provide a fantastic journey celebrating Moon exploration and new lunar discoveries. I write these blogs because if I can achieve one conversion to astronomy – one person who develops a greater interest in astronomy as a result of reading – then that is something that makes an effort worthwhile. So join the space community, and let’s discover our Moon together. Welcome.

A new NASA and Durham University simulation puts forth a different theory of the Moon’s origin. Credit: NASA/ Durham University/Jacob Kegerreis.

Credit to Nasa

Unless otherwise stated, the images on this website are all credited to Nasa. My thanks to Nasa – these web pages would not have been possible without these pictures.